High performance | carbon composites.

Olivier MIL Boat builder free lance. The perfect solution for your boat building projects !
Speciality : High performance carbon composites, complex technical parts, carbon fiber design, model and mold making. Experience : Racing sailingboats, carbon molds for aeronautics, parts for Formula 1 & GT

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Models & Molds. Building boats in Prepreg, sandwich honeycomb and foam. Carbon Technicals parts. Espars & Masts. Design carbon apparent varnished. Short-term or long-term work


Any carbon / glass / Kevlar parts. Sandwich honeycomb or PVC foam. Process under vacuum, in an oven or autoclave. Low pressure infusion. High strength PU casting resins for technical parts.

Refit & Repair

Damage repairs on composite hulls, docks or shipyards. Travel France and abroad.

I am a boat builder since 1990, it is a work that demands a lot of requirement, rigor and physical resistance.
This extremely ruthless but satisfying effort is driven by passion and will help move forward your ideas.– Olivier Mil

Who I am.

I have a traditional carpenter diploma + 20 years experience in composite materials (I started to work 1990 with an Australian guy to build a maxi).

Marine : Construction of large models, molds, sandwich prepreg composite boats, carbon maxi masts. Development and manufacturing of prototypes and complex technical parts (gangways, steering wheels, ladder, propeller, spars, ruders and many others) Manufacturing of furniture design carbon apparent varnished. Repairs.

Aeronautics : Construction of carbon molds in autoclave

Automotive Racing: Prototype construction, parts of Formula 1 and GT

Art : Enlarging and manufacture of monumental sculptures in carbon

I worked in France, Italy, Germany and USA. I also have teamwork experience with English, Australian, Kiwis, American, Italians, German and Greek.